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four generations of the PWFF family.


Andy: The Hubby- does the apron wash and makes up the boxes…he’s become quite the expert and although he loves to offer advice he is gently persuaded to please not do so xo

Patrick: The Pistachio Pilfer- lives at home and is partial to the few hundred kilos of pistachio packing- and yes, like so many of you he loves pistachios, so it’s best to keep a box aside...

Hannah: Artist Extraordinaire- is our chief art designer with her very talented hand; all the fruits & nuts have been drawn by her, she has a wonderful talent and radiates a positive input.

Sam: The Box Taper- did his fair share in the early days of being a student; putting box after box together. He says he's forever scarred by the screech of the box tape machine outside his bedroom door! And it’s a story he won’t stop telling… love ya Sam!

Shelly: The Sticker Queen- is newest to the business, is brilliant at putting stickers on boxes and is a serious team player.

Bryce: The Poster Boy- Hannah’s husband Bryce likes to wear the logo t-shirts when he can’t find any clean washing.

Eve: Number One Taste Tester- PWFF's smallest family member is loving the sun-dried apple and pear for now, wait till she finds the toffee…