We are excited to have our “Urban Orchard" currently brimming with strawberry, pineapple-feijoa and Indian guava trees. The strawberry guava will be in our beautiful flavour-filled paste this year.

A new rosemary hedge has been planted to supply our native seasoned sea salt; the saltbush too is in the back garden, ready for this superb treat.

Our new products for 2018 result from an exciting collaboration with a local vineyard- Magpie Springs- to produce two grape wine conserves, Merlot & Pinot.

The success of these products speaks for themselves, the merlot is light and full of grape, fruity notes; the Pinot exhibits savoury notes that continue to develop on the palate ending in a rich berry tone. The Pinot is a rich burgundy in colour, the Merlot a stunning magenta.

In 2018 we are also developing a gluten free cracker topped with our very own native seasalt!

Our products fly into Dubai this year: we have six heading over, including our native lime seasalt & our feijoa paste; we can’t wait to hear the response from an international audience.

At Port Willunga Fine Foods we are always thinking and innovating, we are collaborating  to build new machinery for packaging, and we are adding more colour to our gourmet lines so that they pop on the shelf!

Another new project is the start of a 'Producer's Hub' for the region where makers can trial their products to the public, in order to get feedback and share knowledge.

We will always be busy, and we always have time, to hear and enjoy your food stories.

Port Willunga Fine Foods: food that starts a conversation.