Do you send overseas ?

Yes we do send overseas, please send an address with your order and we will let you know the cost.

Do you do wholesale?

Yes please email @ info@portwillungafinefoods.com.au with a contact number and we will call you for a chat.

How much is postage?

Our postage is as follows: 

0.00 >> 1.00 - $10.00 AUD

1.01 >> 6.00 - $15.00 AUD

6.01 >> 10.00 - $25.00 AUD

10.01 >> 20 - $30.00 AUD.

How much to send larger weights locally or interstate?

Please contact us via email or phone.

Can you do hampers?

Yes we are happy to do hampers, please contact us re: your request.

Are all of your products Australian?

Yes they are, with most grown and produced in South Australia.

Do you grow any of your own fruits and nuts?

We do: we grow rosemary, saltbush, and strawberry & pineapple guava.

Do any of your products contain sulphates?

Yes, our dried apricots to keep that vibrant colour and help with preserving, and our preserved lime to aide the process.

Do you have vegan & gluten free products?

All of our products are gluten free! All of our products are vegan except for the yoghurt-choc-dipped apricots.